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Welcome to the WebOfFamily.com and WebOfFriends.com at the eWoFF Network

Are you interested in staying in touch with family and friends? Are you tired of all the noise? Please try a wonderful site of the eWoFF Network to share photos diaries, whereabouts, messages are more at eWoFF.com, Your Web of Family and Friends!

eWoFF.com, Web of Family and Friends
eWoFF.com - Your Web of Family and Friends

eWoFF allows you to share Photos, Dairies, Whereabouts, Favorites, Messages, and more with your family and friends. It is quick and it is private. It is a quite place that does not contain the noise of commercial messages that have little relevance to your life.

How often do you want to react to a photo or a dairy? eWoFF makes it easy to react to any shared content making it all more meaningful. The messages at eWoFF, called Conversations, are innovative because they allow you to communicate with a group in one place.

Unique links allow you to control what you share with each individual in your Web of Family and Friends.

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